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We Dance…Together we Rise!

Not only the action of “releve”, but a heart and soul connection to the purpose and meaning of rising through dance. The faculty at RDC believes in the true definition of “releve”- through movement, perseverance and confidence, we will RISE.

Lindsay found her salvation and grace through the art of dance, knowing one day she’d open her own studio; a place where everyone who wants to, can achieve their moment through dance, at whatever level and pace they need to, in order to succeed. Her goal was to find teachers with the same mindset and core values. We have built a team who believes in collaboration and unity. Our well-rounded and experienced staff is dedicated to providing each student with a wealth of knowledge in dance and beyond, while our different backgrounds and strengths ignite us to work together hand-in-hand.

We are thrilled to be a part of the Clarence Center community, occupying a newly, Mangione family renovated, 3,000 square ft dance space – our heart and soul is invested in this studio! The studio has four rooms featuring barres, mats, mirrors, and brand new flooring. A special feature for our dancers are the two beautiful dressing rooms designated to Big Sisters and Little Sisters (related to the RDC Big – Little Program) . We have a convenient and connected drop off/pickup parking lot, as well as a welcoming waiting room.

Our focus is to be a solution moving forward, bridging the gap between hyper-competitive dance and recreational development. To allow each and every student to find their purpose and intention, while navigating the journey of Dance.

Our Focus

Learn, create, and become inspired

Here at RDC our focus is to build strong dancers and well-rounded, confident individuals who thrive in a team environment. To educate and love each student while bringing forth their many talents and abilities. We have vowed to be a solution moving forward, bridging the gap between hyper-competitive dance and recreational development. We long to instill not only proper technique, but a courageous attitude towards dance and life. We hope our attitude and excitement impacts our students and carries outside of class. We plan to use our technical backgrounds to educate and love each student, while bringing the true meaning of “releve” to life.

We Believe

Focused on fundamentals and fun

WE BELIEVE: in mixing strong fundamentals and technique within a creative and fun dynamic. Our unending support will remind each student in believing they are an essential part of RDC. *100% is given to every student, at every level, every day- every student will RISE! * The Big sister, Little sister Program will ignite team unity and represent our beliefs in each other and giving back. Join us at RDC and learn, not just a dance, but a dance education of a lifetime. Understand and practice the skills learned, not only within the studio walls, but in your daily life. Please join us in this new collaboration of teaching, learning, practicing and understanding.

We Dance…Together We Rise!

Hear What Other’s Have to Say…

While RDC is new to the area, Lindsay is not new to the dance world!  Hear what past dance instructors and students have to say about her instruction, choreography and character:

“Lindsay taught ballet at Dance Reflections for 5 years prior to relocating to NY.  She was a dedicated teacher who cared passionately for the students in and out of the studio and poured her heart into sharing her talents with them.  Her vast experience in teaching and strong technique, coupled with her desire to mentor will make her a great studio owner!  Wishing you the best, Lindsay!!!” ~Susan Blackburn, Owner of Dance Reflections

“Lindsay is more than just a dance teacher, she has become a lifelong friend!  She is so compassionate and cares about students as if they were her own.  The passion for dance radiates through her.  She always wants to see you thrive and grow as a dancer and a person.  My last competitive solo, in my last competition, I won the overall award with Lindsay’s choreography.  The trophy was taller than the two of us and I believe our smiles were too!  It was been an absolute joy to know and grow with Lindsay even though life has taken us so far away from each other!” ~Tiffany Pawliczek, Former Student

“Lindsay was one of my first teachers from Intro Acro in the sixth grade up until advanced jazz my senior year and I don’t know if I’d have the same passion for dance that I do without her.  She is hardworking, kind, talented and will put everything she can into making your dancing the best it can be.  She choreographed and taught my first solo, but she made my solo so much more than just an experience of dancing by myself on a stage.  Lindsay helped improve my musicality, stage presence, and technique, and I don’t know where I’d be without her.  She is simply fantastic on and off the stage!” ~Sarah Anderson, Former Student

“Lindsay became my dance instructor when I was 13 years old.  Since then, she has become much more than just a dance teacher, but a mentor and inspiration as well.  Lindsay is able to personally connect with every one of her students and make dance into a safe space for one to grow.  She pushes all her dancers to be their best while maintaining a positive environment.  Throughout my entire dance career, she constantly encouraged and supported me in everything I did.  Even though she is no longer my dance teacher, she still plays a huge role in my life as someone who will always be there for me.” ~Sadie Dunn, Former Student

“Lindsay was always there to support our daughter Danielle when learning new technique.  Pushing her to try new things.  Always encouraging her.  Danielle always loved taking privates with Lindsay.  She always made her feel there was nothing she could not achieve.  She has always been there for her not only as a dance teacher but as a friend.  We feel very Blessed to have had Lindsay in our lives.  We miss her so much no longer having her in North Carolina but so happy for her and her new adventures.” ~Yolanda Walker, Former Dance Parent

“Lindsay cares deeply about her students, not only as a group but respects them as individuals and wants each one to succeed.  She wants each of her students to set goals and work to achieve them.  She shows compassion and belief that each person can achieve those goals and become stronger individuals ,which creates stronger groups.  Lindsay is an amazing teacher and has the experience and knowledge needed to prepare your student for what they aspire to do with their dance career.” ~Etta Stevens, Former Dance Parent

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