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Ballet is defined as a theatrical art form involving discipline, repetition, and strength. This form of dance engages all the muscles of the body and mind, while enhancing one’s coordination and balance. Ballet requires students to have great patience and persistence throughout their study. This beautiful art form impacts every dance genre in terms of respect, ability, and fluidity. Dedication to this study results in grace and confidence while mastering the proper plie.


Tap uses a wide variety of footwork and skills to produce rhythm and sound. The mind and body connection happens while students simultaneously learn the basics of tap and more intricate footwork. Tap teaches concentration through counting and listening. This study allows one’s ability to move quickly and easily while mastering steps such as shuffles, flaps, and spanks. Tap offers a variety of styles while using different patterns, rhythms, and beats.


Jazz dance is a popular genre that incorporates style, expression, and technique. It focuses on various body isolations, rhythmic movements, and control. This energetic style requires stamina, and builds muscle tone while incorporating proper technique. Jazz emphasizes musicality and strength while demonstrating moves such as high kicks, high leaps, and powerful turns.


Lyrical/Contemporary is one of the most expressive forms of dance that conveys a story through movement. One must understand modern, jazz, and ballet concepts. Lyrical dance emphasizes more fluid and soft movements, while contemporary dance puts emphasis on improvisations and versatility. Lyrical and Contemporary dance offers a personal journey of self expression and awareness while demanding technical precision.

Hip Hop

Hip hop is a high energy, engaging class using dance and fitness. This class incorporates skills from jazz funk, breakdancing, and street dance. This involves level changes including freezes, isolations, and across the floor movements. The popularity of hip hop has evolved over the years and has continued to grow, encouraging dancers of all genres to become involved.


Acro Dance is a style of dance that combines dance technique with precise acrobatic elements. Properly achieved acrobatic skills can be added to a multitude of dance genres. Acro dance is meant to be softer with the emphasis on lengthening, control and balance. There typically is no sprung floor in acrobatic dance but one learns the ability to articulate tricks with ease and precision. In short, gymnastics is referred to as a sport whereas acro dance is more an art form.

Open Tumble

Open tumble/acrobatics involves not only acro dance but gymnastics floor tumbling including beginner basics to more advanced handsprings, tucks and partner/group tricks. Please speak with Ms.Lindsay for recommendation.

Parent & Me

Mommy and Me/Daddy and Daughter is a partnering class between parent and child. The genre will typically be ballet, tap or beginner jazz. All ages welcome to learn to engage with their parent/child in a brand new and fun atmosphere.


Adult classes are for the inexperienced or experienced dancer ready to dedicate time to themselves, get a sense of friendship and community and learn from a multitude of teachers in all different genres of dance.

Releve’ Dance Competitive Team

Every summer at RDC dance camps will be provided. Dancers interested will need to attend 2 of the 4 week programs to participate in a mock audition of material learned and combinations taught. A written technical vocabulary test will be administered also to see the child’s comprehension. Each student will be assigned a number and must audition in proper attire.

Currently we plan 2-3 regional competitions and 1-2 dance conventions per season.
Nationals will be at the discretion of teachers and parents.

Teams offered are Mini,Petite,Junior and Teen/Senior Company. Subject to change.

**Mandatory competition classes are a competitive Ballet class and a competitive Technique class with their desired competitive class genre(s). The 2020-2021 competitive ballet will not perform on the competition stage(s).

All recreational and competitive students will be involved in the big sister/little sister program. Team unity is HUGE at RDC! We value all relationships, support, encouragement and positivity within the studio. We Dance…….Together We Rise.

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