2022 – 2023 Season

Our tuition is based on a full 9 month season. You may pay in full at the commencement of the dance year or divide payments into 9 equal monthly installments, as listed below. Tuition may be paid via check, cash, money order or credit card. Please feel free to mail the payment to the studio, drop off in person, or pay online – whichever works best for you!


  • If not paid in full at the beginning, tuition is due the 1st of each month. A $10.00 late fee will be applied to accounts paid after the 10th of the month.
  • Tuition will not be pro-rated regardless of missed classes or closings due to factors out of the studio’s control (i.e. inclement weather, school holidays & breaks, etc.).
  • No refunds will be given for missed classes.
  • There is a $25 service charge on all returned checks.  Once a returned check is given, remaining tuition and fees must be paid in cash, credit or money order.
< 5 Years Old
# of ClassesMonthlySeasonSeason Paid in Full -Cash/Check (5% discount)Season Paid in Full – Credit Card (3% discount)
6+ Years Old
# of ClassesMonthlySeasonSeason Paid in Full -Cash/Check (5% discount)Season Paid in Full – Credit Card (3% discount)

Family discounts are available, please call or email for details.

  • A 3-5% discount is available for those who pay the full season tuition by Sept. 20th.
  • If tuition is not paid after 2 months, the student may not participate in class until the account is up-to-date.
  • All outstanding balances need to be paid by April 30th, to get tickets and perform in the recital.
  • Costumes will not be sent home until all balances are paid.
  • Payments can be made via cash, check, money order or credit card.
  • Checks should be made payable to: Releve’ Dance Company, Inc.

Costume and Registration Fees

Registration Fee is a non-refundable fee that holds your spot in the class, office registration, necessary communication vehicles and insurance.  Registration fee(s) are due on the day of registration for the studio.

Rehearsal/Performance Fee is a non-refundable fee that covers the rental of the performance space, as well as other production costs associated with the recital.  This fee is due late fall, more information to follow.  The Performance Fee includes two (2) complimentary recital tickets, per family/performance.  (If fees are less than anticipated, accounts will be credited/reimbursed once final costs are determined.)

Costume Fees are per each performing class the student enrolls.

  • Costume orders will not be placed if deposits are not paid by November 15th.
  • Costumes will not be sent home if tuition is not up-to-date.
  • There are no refunds once the costume order has been placed.
  • Costumes are ordered through a catalog and not custom made, any alterations needed are your responsibility.

Registration Fee (per student)

$ 35

Registration Fee (per Family)

$ 50

Performance Fee

$ 65

Costume Fee (Recreational)

$ 60-79

Costume Fee (Competitive)

$ 70-80

Private Lessons (start at)

$ 25

Solo Instruction (5 hrs. total)

$ 350

Duet Instruction (5 hrs. total/dancer)

$ 300

Trio Instruction (5 hrs. total/student)

$ 250

Private Lessons

Private lessons for an individual wishing to have one-on-one instruction with their teacher due to multiple classes missed, may submit a request.  These will be approved by the studio owner and scheduled based on availability.

Additional instruction for solos, duets and trios is done by invitation only and must be approved by both the teacher and studio owner.  This option must be earned through proven dedication, consistent hard work and being a true champion of the RDC way.

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