Summer Intensive Program

July 20 – August 20

With the RDC Summer Intensive Program, you have 2 options to satisfy all your dance interestes, learning from a variety of teachers and trying new disciplines! 3-9 year olds can dance in a 2 days/week combo intensive while older students who want to keep up with or sharpen their skills can come for 4 days/week and go through a myriad of disiplines.

Summer Intensive Classes

Classes for dancers of all ages and experience

3-5 Year Old Combo

Introductory combination class for your budding dance that will run 2 days/week for 4 weeks.

6-9 Year Old Combo

Introductory combination class for your elementary school aged child that will run 2 days/week for 4 weeks.

Petite Classes

Intermediate level dance classes for 6-9 year olds who wish to expand on their skills across multiple practices.

Junior (Jr.) Classes

Intermediate level classes for experienced dancers 10-12 years old, where they can expand upon their foundational practices through multiple lesson types.

Teen/Senior (T.Sr.) Classes

Intermediate/Advanced level classes for experienced dancers and those wanting a summer challenge; 12+ years old.

Musical Theatre Camp

Join us for a unique summer camp experience. The class will have an emphasis on style, character, technique and performance.  Dancers will explore the story and meaning behind the movement and focus on musicality and dynamics of each combination.  We will also review some performance and audition skills; 8+ years old.

Muscle in Motion

This class is intended to give the dancers strength and stability to help combat the rigors of their performance. Strength can be defined as the ability to produce force against a given object or resist force against an immovable object. Dancers need to produce force into the ground to leap and bound, but also need to resist force to stabilize and balance. They will be educated on the benefits and proper execution of exercises consisting of core stabilization and incorporating respiration, squat and lunge variations, and upper body strengthening so they are ready for their performances. Each week there will be a different focus; 10+ years old.

Adult Classes

We will offer an intermediate class for those who have past dance experience or are on break from current programs.  Each week we will work on different art forms from jazz, tap, ballet, lyrical and more, depending on experience and interest; 18+YO.

Calendar / Schedule

See Days/Times Below

The summer sessions run from July 20th – August 17th.  Week 1: July 20, 2020 – July 23, 2020  |  Week 2: July 27, 2020 – July 30, 2020  |  Week 3: August 10, 2020 – August 13, 2020  |  Week 4: August 17, 2020 – August 20, 2020

Studio A Summer Intensive Schedule
4-5 PMOpen Tumble (10 & Up)Muscle in Motion
5-6 PMJr. BalletJr. BalletJr. BalletJr. Ballet
6-7 PMJr. JazzPetite AcroJr. LyricalJr. Acro
7-8 PMT/Sr. BalletT/Sr. BalletT/Sr. BalletT/Sr. Ballet
8-9 PMT/Sr. JazzT/Sr. LyricalT/Sr. Acro
Studio B Summer Intensive Schedule
5-6 PM3-5 YO Combo6-9 YO Combo3-5 YO Combo6-9 YO Combo
6-7 PMPetite BalletJr. TapPetite BalletPetite Jazz
7-8 PMPetite TapPetite TechniquePetite LyricalPetite Technique
8-9 PMT/Sr. Tap
Studio C Summer Intensive Schedule
4-5 PMMusical Theatre (8 & Up)Musical Theatre (8 & Up)
5-6 PM
6-7 PMAdult (18 & Up)


While encouraged to complete the full 4 week program, packages are available in 1 week increments. Pricing varies based on whether the dancer completes 1 hour of instruction a day or 2 hours. Pricing listed is for full 4 week program.

3-5/6-9YO 1 hr/day Combo for 4 Weeks

$ 90

Petite/Jr./T/Sr. @1 hr/day for 4 Weeks

$ 195

Petite/Jr./T/Sr. @2 hrs/day for 4 Weeks

$ 375

Musical Theatre Camp/ 2 days/wk for 4 weeks

$ 120

Muscle in Motion – 1 day/wk for 4 weeks

$ 55

Adult Classes – 1 day/wk for 4 weeks

$ 55
If you do 2 days/wk it would be $95 for 4 wks

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