“I HOPE YOU DANCE” Scholarship!

Dance is a gift that should be accessible to everyone. The impact dance can have on one’s life is monumental. Relev√© Dance Company is a community based dance studio whose mission is to help kids and adults “rise together”, overcome challenges, gain self-confidence, learn to be compassionate, and work as a team.

Regardless of financial means, we want to help those who are passionate about dance gain access to instruction and opportunity. We would like to offer a year of dance to a child in need. The scholarship is both tuition and cost free. Our mission is we RISE together through dance. We are stronger together – dancing together!

This scholarship is for my friend Becca Heitling. A beautiful soul who loved all things ladybugs and butterflies. She was kind, compassionate, funny, and her smile lit up a room. I want to honor my friend who fought hard for her life and knowledge, and sought confidence and healing that walked with grace and purpose. She had huge dreams, plans to aid, teach, and give back. Beyond anything, she strove to teach love, understanding and acceptance. I remember meeting her that first day, years ago, and thinking I want that strength, that determination and courage. She loved how I loved dance and reminded me that it was within my reach. I want her to live on and with us through this scholarship.

Please share with us why dance and this scholarship are important to you, and how you can RISE through this opportunity. 

To apply for the “I Hope You Dance” Scholarship, please submit the form below.